About Us

Our Aim

Our aim is to raise a generation of self-reliant individuals who are educated & economically empowered as we bridge the gap between education and economic empowerment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance access to education and economic empowerment opportunities for youths in Kenya through a long-term holistic approach which includes academic and literacy support, skills training and mentorship.

Our Vision

We envision a Kenya where all young people are educated and economically empowered to fulfill their potential and broaden their experience of the world, irrespective of poverty, ethnicity, gender, religion or special needs.

Core Values


We believe in accountability in all duties and engagement we are involved in

Faithfulness and Loyalty

Our organization highly commends faithfulness and loyalty in our works, to who we interact with and who we serve in the communities

A belief in education

A child's journey with Literature Africa Foundation starts with the opportunity to go to school, but that’s not where it ends. We values listening and responding, offering a holistic service to open up children’s worlds, enrich their lives and encourage them to make their own choices and, in so doing, become independent young adults, prepared for meaningful employment.

Relevant and rooted in the community:

To remain relevant, we know that we need to be out there, in the field, operating at the grass roots level; listening, understanding and responding to the needs of the children and youths.

What we stand for:

We stand for equal chances at providing opportunities to children and youths in all parts of Kenya and we do so at an individual, organizational and community level.

Strong Governance:

We believe in the importance of having a strong board with diverse skills and a governance structure that ensures we deliver a sustainable and high quality service. Our board members are committed to service and giving back to the community.

A team with passion and professionalism:

We are passionate about everything we do, and respond to opportunities positively, creatively and enthusiastically. We value teamwork, professionalism and commitment.

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